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COOK – Remarkable Food For Your Freezer

Category: Food


January 06, 2014


COOK came to Captured Image for rustic gorgeous food photography. Their food is amazing and really deserved that chabby chic, rustic charm.
This was right up our street and we loved the chance to produce some stunning images for them. They love the natural light look and feel for their images but have always had the unpredictable problems that occur with natural light (generally not enough of it!).
At our studio and with our expert knowledge of lighting, we create the natural light feel but with completely controllable studio lighting. This give us much more control of every little detail, which is extremely important in good food photography.
Our studio is also fully equipped with a commercial kitchen and a wonder of props from the chabby chic to the high end restaurant settings. Here everthing is in the palm of our hands and anything is achievable. Boy… we eat well too!