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Protein World – The brand imagery

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Protein World are in the forefront of the protein revolution with being both passionate and experts when it comes to their products.
We have been working with Protein World to help develop their brand imagery, creating stunning food photography for them to post on social media on a daily basis. Working closely with the nutrition developers we have created a style that is very ‘on brand’ for them over the past few years.

Utilising the versatile studio here at Captured Image Towers, we have built bespoke sets and developed hundreds of recipes for the brand. The feedback and response from the posts, and of course the photography has been quite incredible, with an impressive 2000 to 3000 ‘likes’ per recipe!! It has been a pleasure to help with the brand and have the freedom to create such lovely images for them.

Not only have we worked on recipe and product imagery, we constantly evolve our ideas to push the brand past social media, DM and outdoor messaging.

Our creative ideas and imagery has now opened up global opportunities, seeing Protein World as one of the largest and most recognised protein brands.